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Accurate PDF to DWG Conversion

AutoDWG PDF to DWG Converter is known for its accuracy in converting vector PDF files to editable DWG files. It preserves layers, colors, and fonts during the conversion process. The desktop pro version also supports batch conversion, making it suitable for handling multiple files.


Desktop Version Available

Our desktop version offers superior accuracy and speed, along with a wide range of conversion options. You can select the AutoCAD version, retain line width, utilize OCR, vectorize scanned PDFs, convert multi-page PDFs, and even batch convert multiple files at once. Learn more>


Convert Files Anonymously

With our PDF to DWG converter, you can convert files without the need for email registration. Simply upload your PDF files from your computer, and the converted file will be ready to download on the same page. Enjoy the convenience of converting files anonymously without any hassle.


Secure Conversion

Your files are processed securely with our PDF to DWG converter.Files are deleted from our servers after 10 minutes. Our desktop version provides even more security with no file uploads or data leaks. Enjoy a secure and seamless conversion experience with our tool.

How to convert a PDF to a DWG file for free?

  1. Locate the AutoDWG PDF to DWG free online service.
  2. Upload the PDF file you wish to convert.
  3. Allow a few seconds for the conversion process to complete, then download the converted DWG file.
  • Please be advised not to close the webpage during the processing, as doing so will require you to repeat the previous steps.

How to Convert PDF to DXF File?

  • DWG and DXF are both file formats utilized in CAD applications. However, DXF serves as a format for sharing CAD data across different programs, including those not made by Autodesk.AutoDWG products support various CAD drawing formats, including DWG, DXF, and DWF. However, the online conversion service only generates DWG files. For PDF-to-DXF conversions, please install the AutoDWG desktop version. Here's how:
  1. Download the desktop version by clicking the download button on the following page:
  2. Run the installation, which may require administrator privileges.
  3. Launch the AutoDWG PDF to DXF converter software.
  4. Choose the PDF file you want to convert, select "DXF" instead of "DWG," and click the "Convert" button. The DXF drawing file will be generated and saved in your designated folder.

How long to get the online conversion result?

  • The conversion from PDF to DWG typically takes only a few seconds.
  • Because online conversion involves processes such as file uploading, server-based format conversion, and file downloading. The conversion speed is influenced by factors such as file size and complexity. Larger and more intricate PDF drawings may require more time for conversion. If you find the waiting time too long or if the webpage indicates that your file is in the waiting queue, we recommend downloading and installing the desktop version of the software. Using your local computer for file processing usually results in faster conversion speeds.

What’s the difference between vector pdf and raster pdf?

  • Vector PDF uses math to draw shapes using points, lines and curves. Typically electrically created PDF originally from CAD program, or published/converted from CAD drawing files.
  • Raster PDF is an image made of hundreds (or thousands or millions) of tiny squares of color information, referred to as either pixels or dots, typical scanned PDF, or photos in a PDF.
  • vector raster